ACF is born

Acf flooring is a small, independent company based in Leighton buzzard. We specialise in tailoring floor coverings to customer requirements, whether it is carpet, vinyl or luxury vinyl tiles.

Adam started in the trade back in 2009 after leaving school and unsure of what to do. It was after a conversation with a good friend of his that owns dunstable based company Barb carpets to help out for a few weeks while he was busy. It began with simple things like sweeping up, tidying up the rubbish and general labouring tasks. After a few weeks it developed in to learning the prep work required for laying a new carpet and then eventually on to fitting carpet and learning the tricks of laying luxury vinyl tiles.

Fast forward a couple of years, and with uncertainty about what he wanted to do with his career, he chose to start an engineering apprenticeship with Vauxhall. 4 years passed and he emerged a qualified electro-mechanical engineer. During this time, still picking up small carpet jobs here and there. After a couple of job changes, he was being approached more and more by friends and family for flooring work. People buying materials and he was fitting as required. Then in the summer of 2019 it was decided after much research to set up as sole trader and ACF Flooring was born.

We are able to carry out supply, supply and fit, fit only and floor preparation services. We have access to a vast range of products, including those sold in major retailers such as carpet right.  

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